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Common Weather Threats to Garage Door Parts

01/02/2014 Back To Blog

No matter how well constructed and designed a garage door is, it will suffer from natural wear and tear due to its constant exposure to the elements. You should have an idea of how the different types of weather can cause damage to the various parts. This will allow you to take the right maintenance measures like lubrication maintenance and get repairs made on time.

 Cold Weather Threats

 The winter can pose a number of serious threats. The springs and cables can get easily damaged if they freeze and remain frozen for a fairly long time. At our garage door repair company in Southside Place we get a lot of calls from customers saying that the garage door cable snapped all of a sudden on a cold winter day. The overhead door springs can incur minor or serious damage depending on their construction, age and maintenance provided. They may get out of balance or break and cause a serious accident.

 Another serious threat during the winter can actually come from country road salts which are used for preventing the freezing of road surfaces when the temperatures fall below zero. They are inevitably picked up by car tires and brought into the garage. If the salts get into contact with the garage door track system they can ruin its protection from corrosion. This is because they damage the galvanization which prevents the metal from oxidation and rusting.

 Warm Weather Threats

 The UV rays of the sun can cause damage to all garage door parts made from plastic and rubber. It can cause paint to crack as well. You need to carefully inspect all plastic and rubber parts and especially the cables on a regular basis so that you can have them replaced before it is too late.

 It is important for you to take preventive measures and to protect the different parts of your roll up garage door from damage.

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